Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am sleeping

Last night while Hus-bot and I were blissfully asleep...
there suddenly was a loud crashing "BOOM" noise, followed by a few more after-shock "boom"s.
The next second I found myself alone in bed as Hus-bot immediately jumped out of bed to investigate and protect the family.
With adrenaline coursing through his veins in apprehension, he checked all the rooms to make sure there was no intruder/robber/kidnapper/murderer... i.e. bad guy. 
All he was able to find was an overturned basket of soaking soiled baby clothes on the bathroom ground which he figured to be the cause of the noise. Thus he came back into bed, but his heart was still pounding and pulse racing as he wondered HOW the basket just suddenly fell by itself and he still suspected that there could be a someone behind the situation.
He managed to doze off but his body was still on high alert, leading to anxious and tense sleep.
Then in the morning his alarm went off.
Hus-bot half-awoke, still in an agitated state and when he sensed someone next to him, he automatically thought it was someone he needed to fight off!
So he was about to strangle the "intruder" but he quickly snapped out of it and realized it was just me.  I woke up when he grabbed me, but had no idea what he was doing. 

And without realizing that I had just been attacked, I continued my peaceful slumber.


  1. ... seriously. kinda scary especially for you! good thing he snapped out of it quick!