Sunday, November 6, 2011

I was a bunny owner

Growing up we went through our share of pets. We had dogs, rabbits, fish, a bird that flew into the house, crickets that we kept in jars, etc.  Sad thing is that the pet we had for the longest was probably one of our fish. Anyhow right now I'd like to discuss our rabbits.

Rabbit #1 = Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow was named because of the coloring around her eye, but we usually ended up just calling her bunny. However, she was pretty far from the cute bunny stage. Eyeshadow was of the patchy coloring, large floppy-eared variety and was rather old, fat, and unpleasant. She hated humans and would always do everything to avoid us. When she was in her cage, she would sit furthest from the opening so that it would be hard to get her out or even touch her. Pretty much a useless pet. Not worth having to constantly clean all her smelly rabbit poo and pee. One day we let her loose in our yard and she disappeared the next day; probably escaped through an opening underneath our gate to become food for the local coyotes. Considering her obesity, we doubted she stood a chance at being able to run away from them fast enough.  

Rabbit #2 = Bunny
Not long after we lost Eyeshadow, (I'm not quite sure what prompted us to consider purchasing another rabbit), we decided to give the species another chance. THIS time we actually got a youngster and she was a cute solid tan color. We didn't even really bother naming her because we knew we'd just call her bunny anyway so that was it. Now Bunny was the complete opposite of Eyeshadow. As much as Eyeshadow hated us humans, Bunny loved us. 

For example, we made a larger play enclosure for Bunny to have more space than her cage and if we ran around it, she would run alongside us. 
And even though she was surrounded by the lawn, if we would dangle some vegetation above her, she would jump up to eat it from our hands.
I was even able to fashion a leash for her and take her on walks/hops around our neighborhood.
Bunny was really all you could ask of a bunny. In fact she was pretty much a little puppy in bunny form. Until one day...

It started out as innocently as any of our other walks around the neighborhood.
Then suddenly out of the bushes...
A neighbor's cat pounces from behind some plants to attack Bunny!

In my surprise I flung the leash with Bunny on it up out of the way:
And I thought disaster was averted.  Unfortunately the whole incident was too much for Bunny's weak heart to handle. The next morning, we found her completely still in her cage. My grandpa tried to revive her by massaging her limbs and it seemed to be working but then she relieved herself and went cold.
It was a heartbreaking moment... my poor adorable Bunny. And unfortunately this is the sad ending to my happy story. 


  1. stupid cat. so sad. on a sidenote bunny did have a short lived name of "pippo" due to the fact that bunny was a pee/poo machine. haha