Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am an equestrian

The following incident took place several years ago on a trip to Fort Worth, Texas.  I was there with a couple good friends having a grand 'ole time and we were always open to finding any means to entertain ourselves. The true agenda for our trip was for some educational conference(?) but sadly enough I can't remember a thing in regards to that.

Anyway, one evening we were outside a rodeo bar of some sort when we happened upon a man on a horse.  Yep, just some random guy riding around on concrete in the middle of the night, but it was in Texas, so it made sense.

That was pretty much the exchange that took place and the next thing you know, the 3 of us girls were sitting pretty atop the steed.
We were all laughing, having a good time, and not realizing our folly in burdening the horse who was quickly becoming a frenemy. Suddenly we started experiencing some violent shaking from the rear to the front and before we even understood what was going on....
The next thing we knew we were all sprawled out on the concrete ground in a line; silent, motionless, and in pain.
Such a contrast from the ignorant excitement just seconds before...  hahaha!

Anyway, thank goodness no one was seriously injured. Besides some minor aches and pains, I came out with only a fractured/broken 4th toe. (Swelled up nicely and then left it a little crooked)