Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am in denial

So these days I never take pictures anymore. Because the same thing keeps happening...
I take a photo and envision this:
 Then I look at the photo on my phone and I see this:

Um, I swear I thought I was more attractive than that, what the heck?? Why are my eyes so asymmetrical, my hair looking so nappy, and my face just so blah? Tell me it ain't so! But the camera does not lie my friends, only I must lie to myself. "It's just the lighting and the angle", I tell myself and proceed to try a few more shots with the same abysmal results. Depressing.

I realized I peaked around age 23 or so when I felt like I couldn't take a bad picture. Now it's completely the opposite, so man I went downhill fast! (If 10 years is considered fast. Yikes, a few more of these decades and I'll be gone, morbid thought) The best pictures are the low light, blurry, at-a-distance ones with half my face covered by one of my kids. 😒

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am mistaken

These days baby bot is into drawing faces. She's pretty good with the eyes-nose-mouth concept and even draws in eyelashes for females. She's still working on curving the corners of the mouth to make a "smiley" face but overall we are pleased that they are distinguishable from the usual abstract art she creates.

The other day she drew something like this:

Baby bot: "Look mom!"

Me: "Wow, that's very good, is that (referring to the red object) an ARM or a LEG or maybe a BODY?"

Baby bot: "It's just a line mom, it's just a straight line."

Me: "Oh... well good job baby, that's a very straight line."  (o . O) = her drawing = my face

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I am wanting...

For the record, here are a few things I want to say I want right now. Now, it will probably be easy to "pity" me when reading this post, but to tell you the truth, I like having things to want and look forward to. That being said, these better come true. Pronto!

1. Ummm, an actual working OVEN would be niice! (said in sarcastic tone)
In our current apt, this thing is nothing more than an oversized STOVE because the oven itself does not function properly. It's just too old and I don't trust cooking in it. I want to learn to make my own french macarons (lofty goal) but that wish ain't gonna come true with this hunk of junk. (Actually it's not completely useless right now because we just store our pans in there.. whoopie)

2. Walk in closet please! The bigger the better-- I don't care if the bedroom is tiny, just give me my closet space! I am so over the rolling door, one pole action. Although I was too lazy to draw in the contents of my current closet, it is literally overflowing with everything packed in and falling over each other. (90% of the items I never use, but still. I'm a hoarder)

3. A GARAGE on the GROUND floor.
Climbing a million flight of stairs to an outdoor separate carport? No thank you! Needing to add 10+ minutes to any commute or trip out? Enough! Carrying a 25+ lbs toddler with 25+ lbs of groceries up the stairs? So sick of it (arms dying). 

4. A Maltese puppy!
I always stalk this one pet store that sells the tiniest cutest dogs! It makes me convinced I want one, I NEED one every time! I mean, c'mon that face!! Too bad even just a few months older and hair grown out longer it loses its cuteness by 85% but that puppy stage is to die for.

There, I put it all out there.

(*I just realized our last apt had #1-3...we've regressed)

Monday, September 2, 2013

I am a TV watcher

Reproduction of the scene from our bedroom yesterday afternoon:

A. Liz Bot watching "The Mindy Project" on laptop
B. Hus-bot watching some NFL training camp show on laptop
C. Baby bot watching and singing along to "Sofia the First" (Disney Junior show) on iPad

The new definition of "family time". Everyone was happy. The End.

Monday, July 29, 2013

I am grossed out

In the morning, Hus-bot was in the bathroom brushing baby bot's teeth and said "Ugh! Baby bot's breath is getting as bad as ours in the morning".

Which is pretty sad and gross. A definite milestone for a baby to cross over into adult level bad morning breath.

Then Hus-bot says "Oh, nevermind. It was my own breath I was smelling".

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am observant

One morning I woke up to notice that something was a little 'off' about hus-bot's face. It appeared he had sprouted a new mole or attracted some lint on the side of his nose. Anyhow, he got up and went about his business.

After eating breakfast he returned to the room still unaware of his new blemish. So I brought it to his attention asking what was it that was lingering on his face all morning...
So we looked closer...
 ... And it was a dead ant! Yep, a deceased arthropod just chillin' on his face the whole time. Our next question was how/why did it end up there of all places? My guess was that hus-bot's oily face weighed it down and did it in so that finally it could traverse the expanse of the face no more...