Thursday, November 3, 2016

I am in denial

So these days I never take pictures anymore. Because the same thing keeps happening...
I take a photo and envision this:
 Then I look at the photo on my phone and I see this:

Um, I swear I thought I was more attractive than that, what the heck?? Why are my eyes so asymmetrical, my hair looking so nappy, and my face just so blah? Tell me it ain't so! But the camera does not lie my friends, only I must lie to myself. "It's just the lighting and the angle", I tell myself and proceed to try a few more shots with the same abysmal results. Depressing.

I realized I peaked around age 23 or so when I felt like I couldn't take a bad picture. Now it's completely the opposite, so man I went downhill fast! (If 10 years is considered fast. Yikes, a few more of these decades and I'll be gone, morbid thought) The best pictures are the low light, blurry, at-a-distance ones with half my face covered by one of my kids. 😒