Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am embarrassed

Here's a visual synopsis of what happened to my ghetto hubby today.

He was in a meeting when his shoes got his attention:

* Note the shoelace did not just break into 2 pieces but into multiple parts. It literally disintegrated.

 He was able to get by with one shoelace-less shoe...
Until he faced his greatest challenge of the day:

We need to buy him new shoes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I am predictable

In the evenings around 10 pm or even earlier, this is me:
I am exhausted and my ultimate goal in life is to crawl into bed and collapse. I drag myself around with my eyelids half open and my brain half dead.

Unfortunately there is something that interferes every. single. time. Ugh! The indisputable equation:
*My toothbrush is fancy only because all toothbrushes these days are fancy (except for the ones given for free at the dentist) with their multi-colored bristles and rubber parts. Must've gotten some pointers from those automatic car washes. Anyway, I digress...

So the mundane task of brushing my teeth is like a free shot of espresso because my drowsiness suddenly vanishes.
Instead of sleepiness, I am then filled with an intense desire to stare at screens (computer or TV).  And so I do.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am in trouble

I am already having battles with my 6 month old. We started introducing solids to her which apparently are not to her taste nor liking. She has now discovered that the simple solution to avoiding her food is to close her mouth. And tightly at that.
I am allowed no entry to the mouth.

I try to force the food in by shoving the spoon into her mouth but it just results in food on her face everywhere around the mouth except inside.  To further counter my moves she dramatically positions her head to be facing completely away from me.

So I call in my reinforcement (hus-bot) to come distract her and make her smile and laugh with his tried and true goofy antics. Baby-bot sees my ploy and thwarts the attempts by simply grinning without ever opening her mouth. Crafty.
Nice try folks...
So I had to bring out the big guns. Entice her with her only weakness: cut fruit.
 Baby-bot loves sucking on slices of pear or apples and asks for it whenever we eat it around her. So I quickly cut up an apple and launched a 2 stage attack.
 She saw the apple slice and finally opened her mouth in anticipation...
Which is when I quickly swept in and shoved the food into her mouth! I had to keep doing this, letting her suck on the apple a bit in between to get her to eat anything at all.

A hard won victory... this time...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am awake

I hereby present to you the 3 worst nights of sleep due to trips I have ever had.

3 - Sometime as a kid:
I remember how the night before going to Disneyland I was tossing and turning from anticipation.  I couldn't wait for the next morning and just couldn't fall asleep. From then on, I trained myself not to hype things up so much because it made for a pretty miserable night. At least I lost sleep over a good thing.

2 - Last week:
Our family took a trip to Las Vegas for the holidays. The only similarity this trip had from previous ones was that I was awake at the odd hours of the morning but obviously not because I was out and having a good time, but because I was in dealing with a crabby, teething baby who didn't like the new environment and made sure to make us aware of that every hour or so.  I'm sure our neighbors weren't too ecstatic either.

1 - Last last year:
The night that goes down in infamy however was an impromptu trip taken with my in-laws down to San Diego.  It was our fault we made the mistake of booking only 1 room (why?!!) when it was 5 of us.  So 3 grown adults (me, hus-bot, and brother-in-law) actually attempted to sleep in 1 not even king-sized but queen bed which in and of itself was totally ridiculous. But add to that the snoring cacophony of the mother-in-law and it was just over. The absolute worst night I have ever had.