Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am awake

I hereby present to you the 3 worst nights of sleep due to trips I have ever had.

3 - Sometime as a kid:
I remember how the night before going to Disneyland I was tossing and turning from anticipation.  I couldn't wait for the next morning and just couldn't fall asleep. From then on, I trained myself not to hype things up so much because it made for a pretty miserable night. At least I lost sleep over a good thing.

2 - Last week:
Our family took a trip to Las Vegas for the holidays. The only similarity this trip had from previous ones was that I was awake at the odd hours of the morning but obviously not because I was out and having a good time, but because I was in dealing with a crabby, teething baby who didn't like the new environment and made sure to make us aware of that every hour or so.  I'm sure our neighbors weren't too ecstatic either.

1 - Last last year:
The night that goes down in infamy however was an impromptu trip taken with my in-laws down to San Diego.  It was our fault we made the mistake of booking only 1 room (why?!!) when it was 5 of us.  So 3 grown adults (me, hus-bot, and brother-in-law) actually attempted to sleep in 1 not even king-sized but queen bed which in and of itself was totally ridiculous. But add to that the snoring cacophony of the mother-in-law and it was just over. The absolute worst night I have ever had.

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