Saturday, January 7, 2012

I am in trouble

I am already having battles with my 6 month old. We started introducing solids to her which apparently are not to her taste nor liking. She has now discovered that the simple solution to avoiding her food is to close her mouth. And tightly at that.
I am allowed no entry to the mouth.

I try to force the food in by shoving the spoon into her mouth but it just results in food on her face everywhere around the mouth except inside.  To further counter my moves she dramatically positions her head to be facing completely away from me.

So I call in my reinforcement (hus-bot) to come distract her and make her smile and laugh with his tried and true goofy antics. Baby-bot sees my ploy and thwarts the attempts by simply grinning without ever opening her mouth. Crafty.
Nice try folks...
So I had to bring out the big guns. Entice her with her only weakness: cut fruit.
 Baby-bot loves sucking on slices of pear or apples and asks for it whenever we eat it around her. So I quickly cut up an apple and launched a 2 stage attack.
 She saw the apple slice and finally opened her mouth in anticipation...
Which is when I quickly swept in and shoved the food into her mouth! I had to keep doing this, letting her suck on the apple a bit in between to get her to eat anything at all.

A hard won victory... this time...

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