Monday, January 9, 2012

I am predictable

In the evenings around 10 pm or even earlier, this is me:
I am exhausted and my ultimate goal in life is to crawl into bed and collapse. I drag myself around with my eyelids half open and my brain half dead.

Unfortunately there is something that interferes every. single. time. Ugh! The indisputable equation:
*My toothbrush is fancy only because all toothbrushes these days are fancy (except for the ones given for free at the dentist) with their multi-colored bristles and rubber parts. Must've gotten some pointers from those automatic car washes. Anyway, I digress...

So the mundane task of brushing my teeth is like a free shot of espresso because my drowsiness suddenly vanishes.
Instead of sleepiness, I am then filled with an intense desire to stare at screens (computer or TV).  And so I do.


  1. haha so true. that's why sometimes it's easier just brushing your teeth way in advance. :p

  2. just don't brush your teeth :D