Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am a hair loser

My hair is majorly obsessed these days. Obsessed with falling off my head. It's totally crazy.
The hairs have been planning a mass exodus amongst themselves and the above picture illustrates what they've been discussing. 

Anyway this has been a 3 stage process.

1. Me = Clueless
After giving birth, I went to get a haircut and that's when the hair stylist warned me of what was to come. I sort of believed her but sort of didn't.

2. Me = Excited/Amused
Then just like the prophetic hair stylist told me, around the 3 month mark I started losing fistfuls of hair in the shower when I ran my fingers through my head. It was kinda fun! I was making mini "wigs" on the bathroom wall because I always stick them on there in order for them not to clog the drain. I have such thick (quantity not quality) hair and I was happy that my hair was thinning itself out! 
Looked like a scene in a horror movie after every shower.

3. Me = Annoyed
But now things are just getting ridiculous. Hair is just everywhere! I'm shedding like a beast!
Here was bedroom before:
Here is bedroom now:
ACK!!! Enough already!

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