Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am not part of this story

On Black Friday Eve (otherwise known as Thanksgiving), Hus-bot bravely set out to score some fabulous deals. Knowing that some stores were opening at 12 midnight this year, he went out early around 10 pm to join those crazy people who stand in lines in the cold and think they're cool.

First he went to face the formidable Best Buy and immediately thought he best say good-bye. (lame? sorry) The line was already insane, wrapping all around the plaza and the parking lot looked like regular prime-time business hours.
Can you spot the red-head in line?

So he gave up without a fight and instead drove over to the Target nearby. There the line looked more manageable and he settled into place. He called a friend to join his quest.
After waiting around 2 hours, the doors finally opened. For those of you who are curious how these things work (as I was), they let in 30 people at a time in 20 second intervals to avoid a mob. 
Hus-bot and his friend went to the electronics section as did everyone else. His friend contemplated buying a TV while Hus-bot was interested in the laptops, cellphones, and wanted to purchase the last Harry Potter blu-ray movie to complete our collection.
They stood in front of the stock of TVs and even touched them. The next moment,...
the TV's were all gone. Some people were loading 5 TV's onto one cart! As the aimless duo missed out left and right on all the deals they so patiently stood in line for, Hus-bot finally went to the movie section.
Too bad the new Harry Potter was not on sale. 

And poor Hus-bot came home defeated and empty-handed around 2 am. The End.
*Updated happy ending: Hus-bot actually went out again the next morning and did manage to buy the laptop he wanted on sale so thankfully he was successful on the real Black Friday. And I bought Harry Potter online anyway for $9.99 + tax.

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  1. haha so sad. but congrats on the eventual successes of laptop and bluray!