Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am female

... and so is my daughter. Obviously. Unfortunately this fact is apparently not so obvious in real life. Wherever we go everyone refers to her as "he".
Since the above picture is a fairly accurate representation of what she looks like right now, you can't really blame anyone. We like to call her "gender neutral" but she pretty much resembles an old man right now as highlighted by the descriptions. (The attached earlobes part has nothing to do with old men, but is just an interesting part of her anatomy to us because both her parents (we) have them; genetics can't be denied!).

Anyway, out of any context we agree that it's a little hard to tell. But see the following scenarios involving our baby bot. C'mon!

Scenario 1: Outside our home re-introducing ourselves to our neighbors. The neighbor guy asks, "And what's his name?"
Granted the color can throw you off a little bit, but who dresses their boys in dainty lace tank-onesies?

Scenario 2: At a restaurant. An older lady asks "How old is he? Oh wait is it a he?"
Really? All dressed in pink PLUS a pink blanket yet still there is confusion?

Scenario 3: At another restaurant. A waitress came by and said, "Oh he's so cute". Thank you for the compliment. But did you SEE the hot pink lining of the jacket?
Scenario 4: At the mall. Baby bot's Halloween costume was a cow. Overhead a grandma saying "Oh he's a cow. My granddaughter is going to be a cat and has that stuffing around the middle too." (BTW we saw that costume at Costco too and would've gotten it but we went too late and they were out of our size.)

Scenario 5: At an outdoor food court. Someone asks, "Is it a girl or a boy?.. Oh, there's a bow so must be a girl". You think? (The dress kind of looked like a shirt, but still).

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  1. those people are nutso! must be oblivious...her feminine cuteness is obvious!