Monday, December 12, 2011

I am a double victim

I just had the worst weekend ever.

First my wallet got stolen at work on Friday. My brand new beautiful blue wallet that I loved, that carried over $100 in cash as well as all the ingredients for identity theft, was just snatched out of my purse. The thief surprisingly didn't take anything else but that is almost even scarier because it sounds like a professional, since phones could be tracked down.
So most of Friday was spent on the phone calling all my credit card companies, banks, and the police to report everything. Super fun.

Stomach Flu
Then on Saturday I go to bed feeling a little funny and by 3 am I am awake and hunched over the toilet. The contents of my stomach were spewed out of both directions. Disgusting I know and miserable it was.
The next day (Sunday) I had a headache, was feverish, achy and weak and couldn't do much except lie down and feel sorry for myself. Thankfully the bug only took about 24 hours to pass through my system and today I feel better. I had to go to the DMV and went to 2 banks to handle the wallet ordeal.


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  1. oh no leez! tomorrow will be a better day! new wallet :D