Monday, April 2, 2012

I am worn out

I had 2 panic-inducing episodes today and the stress/anxiety was a lot to bear in the short span of 5 hours. The same 3 steps happened in an almost identical fashion:

A. This morning I was about to go out on errands with the baby-bot when I couldn't find my wallet.

B.  I was back at home in the afternoon when I couldn't remember where I left my phone.
1. The Panicked Realization

Second: (An agonizing 30-45 minute duration)
A. After having my wallet stolen a few months ago, I am totally paranoid about losing my wallet. So the fact that I could not find it after over 30 minutes of ransacking our small place made my heart rate skyrocket. Not to mention any outing involving baby-bot is a delicate time-sensitive affair due to needing to fit within her napping/eating/pooping schedule.

B. I called myself through my computer online (Google phone) but couldn't hear my ringer.  I remembered I had activated the "find my iPhone" app so I had to figure out how to do that (log in to iCloud) and when it searched, it indicated the phone was a the plaza I had been in that morning! Ugh! I must've dropped it on the ground! So in a state of panicked frenzy I grabbed baby-bot and sped back over to the shopping plaza. I searched the parking lot ground, kneeling under random cars and also went into a couple stores inquiring if anyone had turned in a phone.
2. Freak-out Session

A. Turned out I had placed a bag on top of the darn wallet on my coffee table. Panic for nothing!

B. I went into the 3rd store asking once again if someone had found a "black iPhone with a multi-colored case" and they had me wait for someone to come open the safe. At this point I had almost given up when finally the lady with the key came, requested again that I describe the item, asked, "Is it this?" and held out the prodigal device. Oh, the relief. I said, "Thank you, I almost died" and left.
3. Sweet Relief

I drive myself crazy I tell ya.

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  1. i have no idea how to log in to icloud. i should try that just in case.