Monday, October 31, 2011

I am obsessive

I have an obsessive personality. I am obsessed with being obsessed. One of my current obsessions is trying to find interesting blogs-- the best are the funny ones, but the ones that are super revealing are great too. By super revealing I mean those blogs that get very in-depth and personal into people's lives and have lots of pictures. It sometimes makes me feel like a creepy stalker, but since I'm a small, relatively sane, and well-educated girl with a family of my own, I'm pretty sure not many would find me threatening.

How did this obsession begin you ask? Well it all started when I got pregnant and began scouring the world wide web for pregnancy blogs to see what other people went through during their pregnancies and compare their belly shot photos. Then after giving birth the only thing I was really capable of for a while was breathing, eating, (not sleeping), and going on the internet.
Anyway reading these blogs always inspires me to start my own. I actually did start one that was super revealing but then got freaked out and privatized the site, inviting only my best friend to read it.

So now I decided to make a random blog for the world's viewing pleasure (I can't say funny because that's too much pressure. (I rhymed)). It won't be anything new or revolutionary. Everything will probably have been said or done before, but oh well. No one's forcing anyone to read it!

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